Are LED neon signs safe?

Our LED Neon signs are completely safe. The output voltage is equivalent to only 12v meaning there is no chance of overheating even if the light is switched on all day.


What are they made from?

The light itself is made from LED neon flexible tubing and that is then mounted onto an acrylic backboard by a team of specialist technicians. All materials are trialled and tested for quality and longevity.


How long will my neon sign last?

All of our neon signs are designed to last approximately 12 years of continuous use.


How bright is the light?

You will receive a remote control with your neon sign which can be used to brighten / dim the light, allowing you to dictate the mood of the room.


Is it expensive to run?

LED lights are up to 90% more energy efficient than your usual light bulbs and are designed to last much longer than conventional light sources. This makes them much more economical and environmentally friendly.


How is it powered?

We provide a plug fit for your shipping country which goes into your socket. The voltage is then transformed to 12v which powers the neon sign.


Will my neon sign get hot?

As you may already know, LED sources run dramatically cooler than their incandescent cousins, but that doesn't mean they don't produce any heat. However, the heat generated is in no way dangerous.


Which colours are available?

We offer 9 gorgeous colours - Pink, Light Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange and White!


Is there a lead time?

All of our signs are intricately hand crafted to the highest quality at our international production headquarters. To keep things fair, we work on a first come first served basis and currently our specialist technicians are working to a production time of 7-14 days due to extremely high demand. We are constantly strategizing to reduce this lead time but ultimately we will never compromise on quality by rushing. Our sole focus is customer satisfaction and we will always keep you informed throughout.


Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes, we ship worldwide!


Is there any maintenance involved?

Quite simply, No!


Can I use my neon sign outdoors?

Yes, please choose the outdoor option when ordering.



Custom Orders


How do I create my own neon sign?

We have 3 easy options available. See our custom section here


Are there different fonts available?

When purchasing our design, the font is already set. Through many hours of design research we have specifically chosen each font to ensure our customers receive the perfect sign.

If you are creating your own you can view our range of fonts here


Which colours are available?

We offer 9 gorgeous colours - Pink, Light Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange and White!


Is there a minimum size requirement?

We offer sizes 50-300cm wide. Through hours of design research we found that working to a minimum letter height of 8-10cm provides clarity, which is why our signs start at 50cm. However if you require specific dimensions please specify when filling our quote form or email us at


Will custom orders take longer to arrive?

To keep things fair, we work on a first come first served basis. However please note lead times may vary depending on the complexity of the design. We will always keep you informed throughout!


Can I send you a picture of my idea?

Yes, we have an option to upload an image here


Can I preview my neon sign before I buy?

Yes, our custom builder allows you to preview your sign before purchasing. If you are filling in a quote form or uploading an image we will send you a preview of your design via email.


Can I contact your team directly to help with my idea?

Of course! We are always willing to assist you. Email us at





What does the warranty cover?

Customer satisfaction is our sole focus and so in the unlikely event there is a material or workmanship issue, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all products. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect usage or poor installation.


How do I contact you about a problem with my neon sign?

Please contact




Do I have to hire a specialist to install my neon sign?

For indoor usage there is no need for specialist installation. The sign is powered by plugging into your mains socket and the light is mounted onto an acrylic backboard which makes it easy to move. Please note some larger internal neon signs may require specialist installation. We recommend purchasing these wall hanging strips for standard neon signs. Each sign uses 4 pairs of strips so we recommend purchasing 2 packs.

Lumneon Wall Strips:

For outdoor usage on a permanent basis we recommend specialist installation.


What is the total length of the power cable?

2 Metres

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